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Historical Archive in Pančevo


Short History

After the liberation of this region at the end of the year 1944 the need for historical monuments preservation appeared. So the Commander of the place engaged some of the well-known cultural workers of Pančevo for gathering historical material. Dr Mihovil Tomandl and Prof. Đorđe Živanović were ordered to gather and protect historical material.

Archive's building,
former Austro-Hungarian Barracks

The archive region of Pančevo was founded in the year 1946, on November the 2nd by the Determination of the main Executive Board of APV nb. 16800/2 and then it included the territory of the town of Pančevo as well as the administrative districts of Alibunar and Kovačica.
The Archive in Pančevo was founded by the Decision of the Main Executive Board APV in 1947. when Profesor Đorđe Živanović was appointed the administrator of the archive region.
The archive centre of Pančevo grew into the City State Archive by the Decision of the Ministry of Education of the NR Serbia on January the 12th 1952. Thanks to the new administrative jurisdiction division among districts in the year 1957 the archive region was widened upon the territory of the Kovin District as well. From the year 1957 the Archive changed the name into the State Archive Pančevo. Abolishing administrative districts the work of districts institutions was suspended and the Archive of Pančevo became a province institution.
From its foundation the Archive was situated in the City Council House and in the 1951 it was moved into the building of the Serbian Orthodox Church Community. In the year 1965 it was moved into the City Hall together with the Museum and the Library retaining the rooms in the building of the Serbian Orthodox Church Community.


The Archive Today

From 1979. on the Archive has been situated in the building of Ex Austro-Hungarian Barracks in no. 7 Nemanjina street being there now. The building was renewed and adapted following the archive service needs. The Historical Archive in Pančevo has been organized as a uniform service.
Today the Archive has nineteen employees. Out of the Archive building two employees work on the protection of archive material, two in depots, five on the archive material arranging and processing, two on the archive material use, one in the library, three with the computers, and five on the common affairs. Within the total member of employees eight finished the University, three high training schools, seven secondary schools, and one primary school.
Except the archive funds and collection arrangement and preservation the Archive does the archive and registry material conservation out of the building. The archive material conservation had been started before the Archive foundation dealing with Archive foundation and archive discoveries and registering. In the year 1947 on the grounds of the General Law of the Cultural Monuments and Natural Rarity Preservation all the documents and books were put under the state protection. After forming the archive centre in Pančevo in the year 1947 the material from the City Hall dating the year 1794 and on was overtaken, as well as the material from the Pučka Bank, and later on from other significant administrative and court funds. Therefore the Archive today owns 79 funds in the total quantity of 9000 length metres.


Organisation of the Archive Work

Public Certificate Issues

Five workers in the Archive work on the public certificate issues. This service work is regulated by the Law on Cultural goods, and the Law on Common Administrative Proceedings. In a year time the Archive arranges and issues more than 1400 certificates, transcripts, copies, etc.

Scientific Research Work of the Archive

The Historical Archive in Pančevo owns a room – reading room for scientific research work as well. In the room there is a computer with which research workers can be informed about the guide through the Archive material as well as about the other common means on the material. There are also two readers for microfiche and microfilm tape referring mostly to the archive material possessed by the Archive.

Preservation of the Archive Material out of the Archive

The Historical Archive in Pančevo on the grounds of the Law on Cultural goods does the archive material preservation of five community territories: Pančevo, Kovin, Kovačica, Opovo, and Alibunar. The above mentioned community funds stored in the Archive depots refer to all spheres of the social life of this part of Southern Banat. Starting from the Law of Cultural goods the Archive supervises the filing and storing of archive material in more then 700 registries (of the local administrative organs, schools, economic sectors, institutions, etc).

Publishing Activity

The Historical Archive in Pančevo has a rich publishing activity. First of all the Archive publishes a magazine called Informator, and up to now 24 numbers were published.
Besides of that a great number of books have been published up to now.

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Historical Archive in Pančevo
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